Photographers using technical camera may sometimes see a colour cast. Don’t panic. When using technical view cameras with digital backs one needs to understand that the image may have a colour cast. It occurs prominently and is more pronounced  when movements are applied to the camera. As the lens plane […]

Once the images have been shot, they need to be properly cataloged and stored in a secure server. As your library of images grows, you will find it more and more difficult to track them. There is a system that needs to be followed in naming the images in a […]

Colour profiling is a professional standard to interpret colour across all the operating systems, computer applications, input and output devices. One of the biggest challenges in photography is how to achieve perfect colour of the images. Colour of the images have to be accurate and consistent and it is determined […]

Once the image has been converted to 8 bit RGB tiff format, it is ready for the next stage of treatment in photoshop. Great care should be taken to handle jewellery before it is photographed. Always clean the jewellery and handle with lint free fabric to move it on the […]

Each image has to be colour corrected individually. Diamond surrounded by gold will appear to have warm colour as compared to a diamond with platinum or silver surround. This is because the surrounding colour is casting its colour on the diamond. Thus Rubies, emeralds, topaz and diamonds when fixed into […]

In photo editing, the most laborious job is to do cutouts of jewellery pics for putting different backgrounds below the image. Cut outs, are mostly required for web uploading with consistent and similar backdrops with gradation and believable shadows, reflections etc. for a uniform look. It adds value, pleasantness, cohesiveness […]