In photo editing, the most laborious job is to do cutouts of jewellery pics for putting different backgrounds below the image.

Cut outs, are mostly required for web uploading with consistent and similar backdrops with gradation and believable shadows, reflections etc. for a uniform look. It adds value, pleasantness, cohesiveness and great character to the pages. These cutouts are also used for blending with creative backgrounds and spl. fx. etc.

One requires great amount of patience, time and hundreds of clicks to do a single cutout, imagine outlining an entire necklace that has very fine intricate weave. It takes about 2 to 6 man-hours.
There are many software’s that allow you to do these cutouts, but if accuracy is the objective, then there is no shortcut, but to use a pen tool in Photoshop.

Scaling images:
When different images are brought together in one canvas, they have to have a proper scale in relation to one another. Example, when earing, ring and pendant are shot separately and require to be shown in one canvas, they should represent proper size and dimension.

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