Once the images have been shot, they need to be properly cataloged and stored in a secure server.

As your library of images grows, you will find it more and more difficult to track them. There is a system that needs to be followed in naming the images in a scientific and logical method so that it becomes very easy to search for the images by a designated name.

SKU – Rationalization

A technique for inventory optimization in retail sector.

Inventory is one of the most significant investments for any retailer. Thus, it is important that retailers maximize their returns on inventory investment. One way of doing this is by optimizing assortments.

SKU Rationalization is an important technique in inventory management that helps retailers optimize their assortments by decommissioning some of the non-productive merchandise. With this technique, non-performing SKUs can be phased out on the basis of an analysis of parameters like sales, gross margins, etc.

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