Using poor quality images in the advertising media or website will not create a compelling impression on the prospective buyers. These images can do more harm to your brand than you can imagine.

I have 25 years of experience working in the industry and I consult various advertising agencies. Many agencies try to make do with the services of in house photographers providing cheaper alternatives to their clients. During the course of my career I have also come across jewellers that have invested in light boxes and cameras to execute photography by employing the services of startup photographers.

It has to be understood that by following these routes, you will not be able to achieve high value image of the fabulous jewellery that you have invested in.

Jewellers invest heavily in designing and production of expensive jewellery pieces. The jewellery may be beautiful and precious, with high value diamonds, metals and designs but if it does not inspire the potential customer with a beautiful photograph the opportunity to make a sale is lost.

In the emerging marketplace this opportunity may be lost to your competitor with better and more compelling images.

If you are a jeweler who deals in expensive jewellery, you will require a professional jewellery photographer. There are not many to choose from even in bigger cities that are jewellery capitals like Mumbai. Jewellery photography is a very difficult and challenging subject with astronomically huge investments. Photographers abound in other areas like fashion but not in Jewellery. Of course, you WILL find a lot of guys, but not the real specialists.

The potential customer is converted into a buyer only through compelling images that appear on pages of newspaper, magazine and hoarding ads.

Jewellers are under pressure to sell the inventory before the designs become outdated and redundant. They have to reach out to the public in the most effective medium through advertising. The images used in the advertising have to be very powerful and attractive. If these images are weak, the jeweler looses on the media investment and opportunity cost. Thus from all angles, the jeweler should spend on good photography and consider it as a high return investment. It will pay back huge dividends.

I have seen this happen and my clients vouch for this reality.

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