Once the image has been converted to 8 bit RGB tiff format, it is ready for the next stage of treatment in photoshop.

Great care should be taken to handle jewellery before it is photographed. Always clean the jewellery and handle with lint free fabric to move it on the set. Fingerprints and lint stuck in the prongs can ruin the perfect shot. In spite of all the care there still is a chance to come across these disturbances. It is to get rid of these problems that photoshop is used.

Photoshop must be used to remove flaws and enhance the image, not to correct mistakes. Great care is required while retouching. Overdoing takes away the natural look and feel of the jewellery. This is why, the image originally should be shot to perfection, so that one does not later take the refuge, to painting the jewellery with a heavy hand.

Before after retouching photograph

Retouching of jewellery photographs is always required to fix the imperfections in production or crafting the jewellery, like poor setting of diamonds, pitting of metal, dust and scratches, that show up upon magnification once the image is blown up for full page advertisements or hoardings.

The sharp and detailed image that we strive to create can also exaggerate the flaws.

Photographs Retouching Team

Above: A professional in house team of retouching artists to manage the post production process. We use Apple computers.

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