The Studio

As we know, every subject comes with its own set of demands. Time spent on planning makes the shoot efficient. It also liberates the mind and frees the imagination during the actual photography session.

It helps retain the essence of the final image. The work culture is to use the right equipment for the job. Large format and specialty camera equipment play a very crucial role once mated with the latest in digital domain.


ARCA-SWISS F – Metric 6x9S

ARCA-SWISS F – Metric 6x9S
No limits: the ARCA-SWISS camera system, with its stand-ardised – and therefore inter-changeable – components, gives the photographer all the options needed to match the equipment to any imaginable assignment.

ARCA-SWISS cameras
grow and change to match the photographer‘s knowledge, experience and preferences. The camera does not dictate terms; rather, the photographer alone decides which components are required. Even in this age of electronic image capturing, ad-vanced large-format cameras with their range of movement are the only solution to many common technique problems. ARCA-SWISS cameras offer perfectly designed, ergonomic controls to optimally adjust perspective and planes-of-focus quickly and precisely. The result: arresting images showing perfect perspective, a well-chosen plane of focus, clear details and rich colour and saturation.

ARCA-SWISS F-Line and M-line cameras are market leaders as the most versatile image capturing devices available. Both camera lines consist of functionally optimized precision instruments.
Their ergonomically inspired elegance is not only optically pleasing, but also offers the highest degree of ease-of-use.

The step from commercial 6x7cm medium format to the large sheet-film formats of 5×7″ or 8×10″ is child‘s play: from the lightweight and universal F-Line, the compact F-Line C with its collapsible monorail, to the versatile and rugged M-Line – all yaw-free and modular.



Phase One

The P 45+ Camera System is the no- compromise choice. This digital back is designed to be a seamless extension of your creativity. With Phase One P 45+ you capture virtually full frame, you capture every detail.

XPose+ technology offers unlimited creative freedom to use long exposures and create unique images.



Hasselblad 503CW

Hasselblad 503CW
The Hasselblad 503CW is ideal for a wide range of photographic situations and is easily adaptable to fit your changing needs – ideal for both location and studio photography.

This single lens reflex camera offers power winder/IR remote options, supports the entire range of Hasselblad lenses from the first C series to today´s CFi/CFE series. The leaf shutters offer speeds from 1 to 1/500 s with flash sync at all shutter speeds.







Horseman SW-D II Pro Camera

Horseman SW-D II Pro Camera
The Horseman SW-D II Pro marks the next step in the evolution of wide-angle cameras designed specifically for digital backs. Unlike most cameras in this field, the SW-D II Pro features an unusual method of generating optical shift movements. Designed specifically for the tight optical resolution requirements of digital camera sensors, the Horseman SW-D II Pro will meet the demands of professionals in any wide angle application. The shift and rise/fall movements make this optimal for indoor or outdoor architectural photography, while its compact size and light weight make it ideal for landscape images or location shoots.

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