The use of specialized, technical large format cameras that use movements for swing, tilt, rise and fall, at lens and image plane for controlling depth of focus, shallow or infinite. These cameras when mated with high resolution Schnieder Macro Apo-Digitar and Rodenstock Apo-Soronar optics having large image circles along with PRO quality digital back are the ultimate weapon of choice for a serious photographer to achieve great details in the diamonds to show clarity, cut and colour. The use of such cameras require study and technical know how.

These are very expensive photographic assets and only a competent photographer with years of experience can muster the courage to invest so much capital. It is very risky to venture into this exclusive club of rare photographers in an era where DSLR photographers are a dime a dozen to provide mediocre images dirt-cheap.

Below: The state of the art technical camera from Arca Swiss, (shown here front and back view) with Phase One digital back and Rodenstock digitar apo macro lens.

Arca Swiss Camera

Below: The flexible movements at lens and film plane with precise calculations ( notice the scales and degrees on the camera) enables us to control our plane of focus for desired effect. There are times when we intend to put only certain parts of the image in focus and create out of focus effect on certain parts of the image for added visual impact. This can be achieved only by this camera type.

Flexible movements at lens

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